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Royal Image Mobile Detailing specializes in high-quality exterior and interior detailing of cars, boats, bikes, RVs, hot rods and show cars. This includes ceramic coatings and paint correction (swirl, scratch and orange peel removal) utilizing polishing, compounding and sanding techniques in order to attain a high quality finish under bright inspection lights.

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reconditioning paint

Most of the defects in paint are caused by improper washing techniques which leave micro-marring and hairline scratches. Paint correction, demands the most technical skill in detailing and distinguishes one detailer from another. This is accomplished through the use of various machines, pads, and polishes.

restoring plastic trim

Plastic trim often becomes faded and oxidized from the sun. This needs to be correctly cleaned and re-hydrated to restore it's originality and freshness.


Interiors comprise plastics, leather, carpeting, upholstery, etc... The key is to clean and condition without  harming each material and to leave zero chemical footprint.


headlight restoration

Plastic headlights degrade through exposure to the elements and if left unhandled can significantly impair visibility. Professional restoration of them includes sanding, polishing and sealing steps.


Dave Cox

My name is Dave Cox and I am the sole owner and operator of Royal Image Mobile Detailing. I am part English and part Austrian. My experience started with car-washing on weekends from the age of 9 interspersed by 4 years at the University of Reading in England and at the University of Konstanz in Germany, whereupon I graduated with an Honors degree in German and Economics.

Serving Orange County since 1995, my purpose has always been to provide a high-quality mobile detailing service for owners of cars, boats, bikes, RVs, hot rods and show cars. This is primarily a detail-only service, although I perform a superior wash service for cars, boats and RVs if requested and I personally do all the exterior and interior detailing. 


Cars - Boats - RVs - Bikes - Show Cars

Detailing - Paint Correction - Ceramic Coating - Upholstery - Scratch Removal



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