Gelcoat correction

Gelcoat and paint make up the two basic types of finishes found on boats and RVs.

Detailing is a maintenance proposition and it is recommended to keep up a protective layer of wax or sealant or ceramic coating on your boat or RV. When the protective layer has been exhausted the elements will attack the gelcoat or paint directly and then correction in the form of machine polishing, compounding and sanding will be needed to repair the damage.

To ensure complete protection CS-II ceramic coatings are formulated to endure the harshest marine environment and sun exposure.

Teak reconditioning

Restoring teak is time consuming but the rewards can be well worth the intense effort involved.

Prep work may include sanding to level the grain and deep cleaning weathered teak followed by teak oil, sealer or vanish to protect it.

Reflective showroom shine

High sheen reflections are the result of the right compounds and polishing techniques. These mirror like reflections can be seen around the entire finish of the RV.