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Royal Image Mobile Detailing specializes in high-quality exterior and interior detailing of cars, boats, bikes, RVs, hot rods and show cars. This includes ceramic coatings and paint correction (swirl, scratch and orange peel removal) utilizing polishing, compounding and sanding techniques in order to attain a high quality finish under bright inspection lights.

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protect your paint for years

Southern California is a great place for car enthusiasts. But the weather and elements can permanently damage a vehicles paint and other finishes if not properly protected..

Ceramic Coating when properly applied and cured grants unparalleled protection from the harmful effects of the sun, salt, airborne contaminants and improper washing techniques. Ceramic Coating forms an exceptionally hard glass-like protective layer over paint and glass and also demonstrates superior hydrophobic (water repelling) characteristics. Given proper care and maintenance, the working life of a Ceramic Coating is measured in years.

If you value keeping your vehicle pristine a Ceramic Coating from Royal Image Detailing will help you keep that showroom shine for a long time.

the process

Due to the glass-like properties of Ceramic Coating it can magnify defects in the paint.  Therefore, for most vehicles, a higher level of paint correction is indicated prior to the application of the coating.


Dave Cox

My name is Dave Cox and I am the sole owner and operator of Royal Image Mobile Detailing. I am part English and part Austrian. My experience started with car-washing on weekends from the age of 9 interspersed by 4 years at the University of Reading in England and at the University of Konstanz in Germany, whereupon I graduated with an Honors degree in German and Economics.

Serving Orange County since 1995, my purpose has always been to provide a high-quality mobile detailing service for owners of cars, boats, bikes, RVs, hot rods and show cars. This is primarily a detail-only service, although I perform a superior wash service for cars, boats and RVs if requested and I personally do all the exterior and interior detailing. 


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